General Policies


General Rules for Students

  • No talking is allowed in class unless it is part of the educational process.

  • No gum, glass, food or drink is permitted in the studios.

  • No street shoes will be permitted on the classroom floors.

  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the building unless for a specific show and then must have the bottoms cleaned before entering the studio floors.

  • Students may not take pre-pointe or pointe unless enrolled in a ballet class.

  • Students are expected to be on time for classes. Try to arrive a few minutes prior to class to dress and prepare.

  • Students should pick up after themselves.

  • Students are asked to conduct themselves in a controlled and quiet manner in the hallways so that they do not disrupt classes in progress.

  • No leaning or hanging on the barres.

  • All clothing or items left behind will be placed in a Lost and Found. This will be emptied monthly.

Parent Expectations

  • Check the bulletin board weekly for important information. Newsletters will be emailed monthly.

  • Small children should not be left unsupervised.

  • Please have your student arrive on time for classes, rehearsals and shows.

  • Call the director if your student is sick and unable to attend class.

  • If you have a concern or problem please contact the director.

  • Help us keep your student safe by instructing them to wait in the building for your arrival.


  • Attendance is taken at every class. Students that arrive more than 10 minutes late, after warm up and/or plie’s, may not be able to participate but may observe.

  • Please inform your instructor if you need to leave class early.

  • In general we will follow the DeKalb Central School District’s schedule for holidays.

  • We will not always cancel classes when schools close due to bad weather. In some situations the weather conditions may improve enough for us to conduct classes as schedules. If in doubt if classes will take place please call 260-553-2780 after 2:00pm for closing information. If classes are cancelled a make-up class will be scheduled.

Dress Code

The purpose of a dress code is to establish a respectful and professional atmosphere to the academy. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO TAKE CLASS UNLESS PROPERLY ATTIRED.

2-6 Year Olds

All female students are required to wear a pink leotard with an attached skirt, pink tights with hair in a bun or ponytail. Shoe requirements are: pink leather ballet slippers for 2-3 year old class and ballet class, black patent leather tap shoes with elastic (no tie bows), tan slip on jazz shoes and white clogging shoes with buck taps.

Female Ballet Students

Students are required to have hair in a bun, black leotard, pink tights (convertible tights for pre-pointe) and pink leather split sole ballet shoes.

Level 1 – light pink wrap skirt
Level 2 – light blue wrap skirt
Level 3 – lavender wrap skirt

If a student is taking multiple classes ballet attire may be worn in all classes. Optional items include ballet wrap sweaters in pink or black and leg warmers in pink or black.

Levels 1-6

All level classes are required to have hair in a bun or pony tail, black leotard or black bra top and booty shorts and tan tights (unless no tights are specified from the instructor). Optional items include a solid black short, skort or capri pant.

Shoe requirements include: Tan slip on jazz shoe, black clogging shoe with buck taps, pirouette lyrical shoe, level 1-3 tan Mary Jane buckle tap shoe and level 4-6 black oxford tap shoe. Because we have a climate controlled studio no other clothing may be worn over the required attire mentioned above with the exception of a dance sweater and leg warmers in black. The staff’s required dress code is to be dance/workout apparel.


Student Expectations

Class Behavior and Discipline

Students are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of their instructor and fellow students at all times. The instructors are encouraged to warn students gently about misbehavior first and then follow up with these possible disciplinary actions: a student may be asked to sit down and observe the remainder of the class or if the behavior continues to be inappropriate they may be asked to leave the class. If dismissal occurs the student’s parents will be notified.

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