The beginning years of dance instruction are crucial to the development, love and longevity of your student’s skill; therefore a curriculum appropriate for each age has been developed. As a result students are placed by age for 3-6 year old classes. Beyond those ages students are placed by ability. Students transferring from another studio are required to take a placement class to determine their level. Students will remain in a level for approximately two years. Some students progress faster than others and it is our goal to have every student gain their fullest potential at our academy. We will promote students based on a set of criteria for each level.  



2  Year Old Class

In most instances this is a child's first experience in a classroom situation.  We will  work on listening skills and large motor skills with pre-ballet.  This is a 30 minute class that meets once a week

3 Year Old Class

Continued work  in pre-ballet and tap. This is a 45 minute class that meets once a week.


4-5-6 Year Olds

Students may take ballet, tap, jazz, acro and clogging. Classes are 30 minutes that meet one time a week.


Levels 1-6

Students may take ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, lyrical, tap, clogging, acro and jazz. Classes are 30 to 60 minutes that meet once a week.


Technique Classes, Turns Tricks and Leap Class and Stretch Strength

These classes are 30 – 60 minutes long and focus on techniques for a particular genre of dance. 

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